Day Program and Residential Students attend our on-campus school, 凯彻姆格兰德纪念学校. The school was established in 1980 and is approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as an Article 89 school. 教学是基于NYSED学习标准, 评估, and curriculums that guide our intensive special education program designed to prepare students to pass Regents examinations through grade level courses and earn credits toward high school 毕业. 更多的


今年, 作为我们在十大信誉网赌网站不断进步的承诺的一部分, 我们对我们的课程和学生的进步进行了全面的审查. 我们高兴地向大家报告,在若干指标上,我们度过了非常成功的一年!


更具体地说,我们有100%的通过率 所有 January Regents exams, and in June, we had a 100% passing rate in Global History and ELA. 我们美国历史的通过率也很高(86%), 代数I(80%)和生活环境(71%). This of course is very exciting because of the significant ch所有enges that our students have had to overcome to arrive at the Charlton School. Congratulations to our students and their teachers for their hard work and commitment to academic success!


We are also very proud to announce that 所有 eligible Senior students graduated with a Regents Diploma! Of those seniors, 80% of them will attend 大学 in the f所有, and 20% will seek employment. 再一次。, 鉴于我们的学生在学术生涯中所面临的挑战, 这是一个令人印象深刻的统计数据,学生们应该为此鼓掌!


We also followed 所有 students who exited the Charlton Program during the 2018-19 school year, 我们很高兴地报告,63%的退出可以被认为是积极的结果. 积极的结果包括返回地区, 回到限制较少的环境, 毕业, 大学, 和/或就业. 再一次。, 鉴于我们的学生所面临的挑战, 我们为他们的坚持和最终的成功感到骄傲.





The school day conforms to the typical requirements of public 学校 for students in eighth to twelfth grade. 使用高中模式帮助学生更好地转移新的学校技能, 值, 习惯, 和家庭学校的日常生活.

十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande follows the statewide annual calendar through a 12-month program comprised of a 40-week school year and six week summer school. 教学时间为星期一至星期五上午8时至下午2时30分. 学生的正常行为,如准时到达, 为上课做准备, 完成家庭作业, 通过有组织的强化,不断地付出最大的努力是鼓励的. Counseling is readily available to help students acquire and practice coping strategies and process feelings that arise during the school day. 更多的


Courses and activities are fully accessible to 所有 students with 100% inclusion of classified students with non-classified peers. School counseling is a related service that is provided by a school psychologist through individual and group sessions and speech. 如有需要,可提供语言治疗. The school assists referring school districts with the IEP process and takes the lead in assessing learning difficulties.

十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande is fully integrated with other programs of 十大信誉网赌网站, 确保采用综合治疗方法, 护理, 以及学生的个人发展. Students who have extended residential placements transition to co-enrollment at the local high school when deemed ready. 也可以安排职业/技术教育机会.


十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande maintains communication with each student’s home school guidance counselor or other contact persons through interim reports and report cards, CSE联系人和, 随着排放的临近, 十大信誉网赌网站的善后服务. 在放电, faculty provide reports by subject area that are forwarded to the home school to be shared with teachers and school counselors.

Discharge summaries smooth the transition back to public school and home by providing detailed and current information about student learning and behavior. 其他信息也可以共享,如写作样本, 科学实验室报告, 还有心理教育记录.


In response to the growing number of psychologic所有y and emotion所有y fragile students with special education needs, 十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande was approved by the NY State Education Department as an 853 Special Education School in April 2005. We welcome non-resident students in the 8th-12th grade to our respected day program where they benefit from the same intensive special education and treatment programs delivered to residential students. School districts may now refer students classified for special education directly to 十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande. 更多的

给予和服务他人的行为可以增强自尊和自尊, so Charlton students are encouraged to participate in a variety of community service activities such as volunteering at the local consignment/thrift shop or generously donating time at a nearby nursing home or animal shelter.

Mature and responsible individuals are also invited to work or volunteer with our students on-campus as tutors and visitation resources, 或者提供校外监督活动.

The 园艺 Program teaches students the basic responsibilities and skills associated with plant germination, 养成, 和护理. The program uses our greenhouse and the science labs to prepare students and the plants for maturity and readiness to thrive in other environments. 这些植物最终会迁移到我们的许多室外花园, 就在学生们回家的时候, 学校, 和社区.



是的, 十大信誉网赌网站/Ketchum Grande school administers Regents Exams and Regents Competency Tests (RCTs) and most students pass their Regents exams.


The credits granted toward meeting 毕业 requirements are accepted by home school districts toward issuing their high school diplomas.


The school works with local districts to have our students take these standardized pre-admission exams at the usual times of the school year. Our guidance counselor works with home school guidance counselors and families to facilitate 大学 admissions.


Ketchum-Grande, 十大信誉网赌网站的校园学校, is approved by the New York State Education Department to provide grade level courses similar to those offered in public 学校.